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The Pensioners Club of Slovenska Pristava

"Senior members of Slovenska Pristava with Fr. Urbanija present at their annual picnic on August 3, 2014 (about 1/4 of the total Pensioners Club membership)"Our club was established in 1987. All Pristava members in good standing are able to join our club when they reach age 60 or when they retire.  Our current annual membership dues are $10.00.

PURPOSE OF THE CLUB  (from the 1st page of the club’s by-laws)

The purpose of the club is to bring together retired and older people who are members of Slovenska Pristava to:

  1.      Foster social interaction of membership with meetings, social gatherings and group travel.
  2.      Provide financial and physical support to Slovenska Pristava as possible.
  3.      Provide financial support to Slovenian school and cultural organizations as possible.
  4.      Support our sick members with prayers, get well wishes and visits.
  5.      Support our deceased members and families with joint prayers and funeral attendance.
  6.      Support our fund raisers by offering help when needed.

We have monthly luncheon meetings, annual picnic on Pristava in August, koline (sausage dinner) in October, and Božičnica (Christmas dinner) for all our Pensioner members in December. We also schedule a bus trip outing for our members two or three times a year. We pray at the funeral homes whenever any of our members pass away. In the spring we organize a cleaning day to get Pristava ready for the summer picnic season. Some of our members even work year-round on Pristava doing whatever work is necessary so Pristava operates smoothly. 

We, as Pensioners Club members, have to show good example to our young Slovenian generation and welcome them with open hearts and arms, so they will also want to become Pristava members and later join us as Pensioners of Slovenska Pristava. Our responsibility is to work with Slovenska Pristava board, Campers, two Slovenian churches and schools and other Slovenian organizations. Our goal should be to work in unity for the preservation of our Slovenian heritage in the greater Cleveland area. We are very fortunate to have Pristava. Let’s take care of it and pass it on to the next generation, so they too will have the opportunity to enjoy this “little piece of Slovenia” right here in America.

The Pensioners Club is an organization with a “positive attitude.”


By Frank Vidmar, President



Pristava Campers

Slovenska Pristava Rules & Regulations (REV MAR 2012)

  1. The speed limit on all roads is 5 MPH. Please watch out for our children! 
  2. All trash & garbage must be bagged. All bagged trash & garbage must be placed in trash containers. DO NOT throw cans, trash, etc., over the cliff, in the woods or into the river. PLEASE KEEP OUR CAMPGROUND CLEAN!
  3. Pets are to be kept on a leash & not to be left unattended. Please pick up after your pets & use proper disposal methods. Pets are not allowed in any building, pool, picnic or playground area. 
  4. Excessive barking/yelping of pets will not be tolerated. Unattended pets must be left inside cabins. Pets should never be left outside unattended. 
  5. In accordance with the township regulations, no additional trailers are permitted. 
  6. Cottage construction is not to exceed twelve (12) feet wide X thirty-two (32) feet long. Maximum one-story height restriction. Building plans for any such construction must be initially submitted to the Slovenska Pristava Liaison/Secretary, for approval by the Slovenska Pristava Board prior to commencement of construction and thereafter, there must be a submittal of plans to the Harpersfield Twp. Zoning inspector and the Ashtabula County Building Department. All plans should include type of construction & exterior materials to be used. All plans must comply with our rules and regulations as well as the Harpersfield Township Zoning and Planning regulation and also the Ashtabula County Building Department. 
  7. If SRSU construction is not completed within (2) years of the campsite grant, the member will forfeit the campsite privileges. Payment of campsite fees begins immediately in the year campsite privileges is granted. 
  8. There shall be no new or additional trailers per compliance with the Harpersfield Twp. Zoning Code and only SRSUs are permitted in the campgrounds per Harpersfield Twp. and Ashtabula County rules and regulations. Any trailer or campsite that is declared a nuisance removed or otherwise must be replaced with an SRSU. 
  9. Two (2)-car maximum per site. No parking permitted on the road. DO NOT BLOCK THE MAIN DRIVE. 
  10. It is prohibited to have any water line hook ups to any SRSU or trailer. 
  11. Any site considered to be a nuisance or hazard by the authorities of Ashtabula County, Harpersfield Twp. And/or the Pristava Committee shall be grounds for eviction and termination of all PRISTAVA CAMPGROUND rights and privileges. A nuisance or hazard site may consist of but is not limited to the following: Areas around SRSU/trailers that have not been annually maintained Trailers and/or SRSU that are deteriorating (rusting, broken windows, crumbling, or holes in the structure). Sites that have evidence of wild animals living within the structure Lack of site maintenance
  12. According to Ohio State Laws, there must be a functional ABC fire extinguisher in every trailer or cottage.
  13. There should be no electrical appliances be left on in any unoccupied trailer or cottage. Also, the breaker should be shut off when you leave. 
  14. Residents entertaining visitors/guests at park or campsite shall be held responsible for their conduct while on premises, & shall be held responsible for any damages incurred by their visitors or guests. Anyone behaving in a rowdy &/or abusive manner will be asked to leave the premises. 
  15. No campsite is to be occupied by minors (17 years and younger) without parents. 
  16. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children. 
  17. All quiet at 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Loud & offensive music will not be tolerated at any time. (Many people retire early & their privacy should be considered.) 
  18. Please respect the privacy of other campers by not walking through or between occupied sites. Use established paths to the restrooms & other facilities. 
  19. Observe posted pool hours. 
  20. Slovenska Pristava regrets it cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any personal property. 
  21. The Slovenska Pristava Liaison/Secretary must be notified prior to any sale and/or transfers of SRSU’s, which will be presented to the Slovenska Pristava Board for approval. Written approval from the Slovenska Pristava Board must be received prior to any sales and/or transfers. 
  22. Fires are only allowed in fire pits, rings or grills; and must be attended at all times. 
  23. Firearms, firecrackers, BB guns, slingshots, etc., are not permitted. 
  24. NO cutting of trees, DEAD OR ALIVE, without prior approval. Approval is obtained from the Slovenska Pristava Liaison/Secretary. 
  25. Lack of site use or lack of up-keep will warrant re-evaluation of site privileges by the Slovenska Pristava Board. 
  26. Absolutely no chain saws or loud machinery will be operated before 10AM on Sundays. 
  27. Trailer & SRSU’s privileges are for active members only (active within the last five (5) years, per posted 1980 rules.) 
  28. A minimum of three (3) hours annually per family of volunteer help is expected (i.e., kitchen, bar, maintenance, fundraising, etc.). If the volunteer time is not provided, a $200 annual penalty will be assessed. 
  29. All campsite fees must be paid by May 15th or a late fee of $25 will be assessed. 
  30. Any rules & regulations are subject to change by Slovenska Pristava Board of Trustees. 
  31. Failure to comply with any rule or regulations may constitute eviction. 
  32. Any changes to existing SRSU’s must be submitted to the Board of Pristava for approval. 


  • Revised 9/11/2001
  • Revised 7/12/2011
  • Revised 3/13/2012
Download this file (Campers-Rules-Regulations.pdf)Campres Rules and Regulations[ ]151 kB
Download this file (Cottage-layout-Pristava-2010.pdf)Cottage Layout[ ]3217 kB

Slovenian Radio

Listen to Slovenian music from around the world! Below find the radio stations with a link to their web site (if applicable) and Listen Live link for live stream. If you have some suggestions to extend the list with other radio stations/programs please let us know using contact form.


Swimming Pool

If you would like to sign-up for a 2019 Annual Pool Pass, please click on the following link to print the required form Swimming Pool Annual Pass Signup. Please complete the Member or Non-Member section, and turn in to the lifeguard or gate volunteer. Full payment for pool pass will be required at time of registration. We are open daily 11:00-7:00




Swimming Pool Fees

Pool schedule for 2019

  • May 26 - June 2 Noon - 6pm
  • June 3 - August 18 11am - 7pm
  • August 24 - August 25 Noon - 6pm
  • August 31 - September 2 Noon - 6pm
  • July 9 - July 15 - Members only (Camp week)

Pool Pavilion is available for rent: $30 for members. Please contact Margie Leden, Pool Manager, for reservations (440) 487-6541.






Download this file (POOLFeesAndSchedule2019.png)POOLFeesAndSchedule2019.png[Swimming Pool Fees and Schedule for 2019]146 kB
Download this file (SlovenskaPristavaPoolAnnualSignUp.pdf)SlovenskaPristavaPoolAnnualSignUp.pdf[Annual Pool Sign Up]317 kB

Giving & Support

Slovenska Pristava is now a 501c3 organization. All donations to our organization is now tax-deductible. Pristava picnics are scheduled, organized, and worked by Pristava Board members. Year after year it has seen harder and harder to find volunteers to help during the summer Pristava picnics. We ask you, members and non-members, to please call the people in charge to sign up for any of the following categories according to your physical ability to perform the work comfortably and to fit your personality. If each one of you would put in 2 hours at 2 picnics, it will make the workload much lighter for the members that have been volunteering their time all along. With more volunteers, we could all enjoy the picnics at Pristava with our family and friends. To help, please call or e-mail us using web contact form or visit our contact list on this link.


Kitchen Help needed

Pristava has scheduled picnics this summer. Dinners will be served or you can be served with hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, and other food. We need 10-15 volunteers to work in the kitchen for each Pristava picnic. All members who know their way around a kitchen or can help serve, are asked to volunteer by calling Ani Sterle (216-470-4654). Baked goods and sweets. We kindly ask all pastry chefs to bake some goodies for Pristava’s events. Thank you.




Thank you again to all members and contributors to Slovenska Pristava. As we know, Pristava is nothing without the people that make up this organization. Of course we would all like Pristava to prosper for many years. New members will be vital to the future of Pristava.

Download this file (membership_form.pdf)Membership Form[ ]210 kB

From the president

Dear Members, The month of June marks 56 years since Slovenska Pristava bought a 76-acre farm from George and Ethel Busch in Harpersfield Township. This jewel of land has been a year-round recreation site for many Slovenians. We can all be proud of the role Slovenska Pristava has played in our lives. Pristava’s board actively meets monthly to work on a calendar of events for the upcoming picnic season. There are about ten events that Pristava organizes, and each one requires the special attention of a coordinator who takes charge in making the event run successfully. The members of Pristava are graciously invited to volunteer in any of these projects. As the winter cold departs, repairs to the roof of the dance pavilion, front portico/fireplace on Lausche Lodge, and the road will take place. We will also be working on security systems and various upkeep tasks that are on our regular agenda.

Pristavska Noč was again a great success with the Appreciation Awards to the musicians who have shared their talents with us during the past 60 years. The Board will make an extensive effort to express our appreciation in various ways to Pristava volunteers, our mainstay of existence. Many thanks to all volunteers that made the 56th Pristavska Noč an event to remember. Our second event of the year, which is our biggest fundraiser, the Reverse Raffle, is scheduled for April 1st in Lausche Lodge at Pristava.

Preparations for the evening are in full swing in expectation that last year's exciting event will draw an even greater attendance this year. All donations to Slovenska Pristava are 100% tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 organization. The endowment fund that the Board will be working on is a long-term project and will provide Pristava a means of support into the future. As the plan of attack is crystallized, we will inform the membership of its implementation and we hope that many of you will assist us. The Board applauds active participation of the Pristava Campers and Pristava Pensioners communities.

Thank you, all. I would like to invite all members and friends of Slovenska Pristava to visit us often, and to enjoy the variety of events scheduled for the upcoming season. Opening day is scheduled for May 28th. Additionally, please support the Slovenian radio stations and Slovenian American Times throughout the 2017 season.

On behalf of the Board Members of Slovenska Pristava, respectfully yours, Metod Ilc, President


About Us

Slovenska PristavaSlovenska Pristava is a private club for Slovenian Catholics in the United States. It was founded by a group of refugees from Slovenia after the Communists took over their homeland. Escaping to the United States, these refugees combined their efforts to bring a taste of the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia to their new homeland. Tucked away in the countryside near Geneva, Ohio, Slovenska Pristava has become a place of relaxation and respite from the daily grind for many Slovenian-Americans and their families and friends.


After World War II a new wave of immigrants from Slovenia came to Cleveland. They settled in the city mostly around the two Slovenian parishes: St. Vitus in the St. Clair neighborhood and St. Mary of the Assumption in Collinwood. The newcomers were active in many organizations especially the Slovenian schools of both parishes

Because they frequented the farms of other Slovenian organizations, they wished to have one of their own. Msgr. Matija Skrbec approached both parish communities to look into obtaining a piece of land for a gathering place, but at the time there was not enough support for such an endeavor. However, in 1958, the idea for the newer immigrants to have a place of their own surfaced once again, this time the brainchild of a young chaplain Rev. Jost Martelanc. He and Hinko Lobe inspired people at both Slovenian schools to pursue the idea. A committee was formed to pave the way for a new Cleveland Slovenian entity “Slovenska Pristava”. A nonprofit corporation with bylaws was formed while Father Martelanc and Hinko Lobe aggressively searched for an appropriate site east of Cleveland. They settled on a piece of land know as Strojin’s farm in the village of Harpersfield. The corporation in the meantime was collecting initiation fees from new members to fund the purchase of the property. In the spring of 1961, the young organization had to borrow had to borrow $8,000 from KSKJ to pay the $21,000 purchase price for Strojin’s farm. The corporations first Shareholders’ meeting was held in February 1962. Jernej Slak became the first president of Slovenska Pristava. Other instrumental people at the infancy of Pristava were: Rev Joze Varga, Marko Sfiligoj, Vonko Vrhovnik, Franc Zorman, Frank Zalar, Jernej Zupan and Matej Roessmann,esq as Pristava’s lawyer. Over the next 40 years many things happened at Slovenska Pristava. The most significant building project undertaken on the newly established Slovenska Pristava involved religion and remembrance. Because one of the goals of the organization was to support the practice of the Catholic faith, a site was needed upon which to build a chapel for regular Masses and other religious services. Msgr. Skrbec chose a hilltop overlooking the picnic grounds as the perfect spot. It was decided that the chapel should also act as a memorial to all those who had been slaughtered during the Communist take-over of Slovenia as well as those who had suffered the horrors of World War II.

The Olympic style swimming pool was built. The kitchen, bar, and main hall were built with expansions of Lobe Hall, kitchen, bathrooms and bar facilities. In the late 1980′s, Andrej Kozjek and other Pristava tradesmen built the dance pavilion. In 1998 a new alpine style house replaced the original caretaker’s house at the entrance. A year later a water reservoir was built, a very important addition for Pristava’s future, since there is no city water. The camping area has been expanded and cute cottages are sprouting up already. The children’s playground has been improved every year. Most of this work for the last 10 years has been done or initiated by Frank Kogovsek and Stane Rus. In the past Slovenska Pristava has had a sports club and sporting events every season. It even had its own ski jump! Many soccer games were played, tennis and volleyball tournaments were held.

Within the corporation are also other clubs like the Pensioners, Campers group and Balinca players. They all have their own events and contribute to the life and fun on Slovenska Pristava. Slovenska Pristava exists for everyone with a Slovenian heart to enjoy friends, music, food, fresh air, and a Slovenian atmosphere.

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Pristava Welcomes You

Welcome to the Slovenska Pristava web site. Slovenska Pristava is a Slovenian Catholic organization that provides a venue for recreation & relaxation to its members and their friends. Here, members and their families have for decades enjoyed the peace, serenity and occasional festivity. 

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Contact Info

Slovenska Pristava

A 501c3 Organization

1024 Brandt Road
Harpersfield, OHIO, 44041

Mail correspondence to:
5900 SOM Center Road
Suite 12 - #125
Willoughby, OH 44094-3086

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Giving & Support

Volunteers Needed